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Protecting Your Driving Privileges

Last updated on August 11, 2020

Being able to drive is critical for most people’s lives in America. A single traffic ticket may seem minor, but two or three, combined with some other issue, can suddenly pile on and leave you at risk for serious charges like driving without a license or insurance. If you are in danger of losing your driving privileges, talk with an attorney from our firm.

At The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A., our criminal defense lawyers have helped many people in your situation. We have handled countless driver’s license revocation and suspension cases in Bradenton and the surrounding Florida areas. Many people feel like there is no hope of restoring their driving privileges, and then we find solutions that are surprisingly simple. Give us a call. You might be surprised.

How You Can Lose A License

There are numerous reasons why a driver’s license could be revoked or suspended, including:

  • Charges of driving under the influence: When a DUI arrest is made, the administration will automatically suspend your license, regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings, unless you take the necessary steps to retain your driving privileges.
  • Traffic points violations: If you have too many points for various small traffic violations, you could lose your driving privileges, even if you have paid all the fines on time. Also, multiple charges of driving with a suspended license could result in a revocation.
  • Late child support payments: The courts can order the suspension of your license if you have failed to make support payments pursuant to a divorce or separation decree.
  • Unrepresented guilty plea in a criminal case: Another common issue is that people plea to a charge (or pay off a ticket) without legal counsel. In the case of a traffic violation, a person goes to court without legal counsel, and the judge says something like, “Do you wanna pay court costs and be done with this?” When a person does that, they get a guilty judgment, the result of which can be a license suspension or revocation.

This is a short list of examples of how you could get your license suspended or revoked. Talk with us. We can help you.

What We Can Do To Help You

When clients come to us with license suspension or revocation issues, we start by looking over all their legal files and records. In many cases, there is something simple that can turn the situation around. You can simply pay a small outstanding fine or file some paperwork, and you will have your license back. Perhaps you need to get on a payment plan for your child support payments, and that would result in getting your driving privileges back.

Our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to help you find solutions. In many cases, these solutions are simpler than you might think.

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