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Have You Been Charged With Violation Of Probation (VOP)?

If your probation officer suspects you of violating your probation, you could potentially be in a lot of trouble. At worst, a judge could send you back to jail and enforce the maximum sentence allowed by law. But it doesn’t have to be that bad, as long as you quickly contact a dedicated Florida VOP lawyer.

The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A., is a firm that works on criminal law cases exclusively, serving Manatee, Sarasota and Pinellas counties, so you can trust that your case will be handled swiftly and professionally and you will be treated with compassion and respect.

Types Of Violations

Violations of probation can fall under two possible categories. Either it is considered a substantive violation, which means that you were arrested for a completely different crime while on probation, or a technical violation, which means that you have been accused of not meeting the agreed-upon terms of your probation.

These violations can vary considerably, and common violations involve not notifying a probation officer that you’ve moved, taking a positive test for alcohol or drugs, not completing an agreed-upon drug or alcohol treatment program, leaving the state or failing to pay required court fees.

Burden Of Proof

In an ordinary criminal case, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and there are safeguards in place designed to keep a suspect from being wrongly convicted, such as the right to a jury trial and the rejection of hearsay as evidence. Neither of these conditions applies when it comes to a violation of probation. The state’s burden of proof is much less. Instead of having to prove reasonable doubt, the state only needs a preponderance of the evidence before a single judge who decides whether there was a “willful and substantial” violation.

Felony Probation And Community Control

While any accusation of a probation violation needs prompt legal help, when the violation involves a felony or a community control case, there is a lot more at stake. Felony violations can lead to very long prison sentences, and since community control is a version of “jail at home,” this is looked at much like escaping from jail. There are conditions within community control under which a person is allowed to leave their home, but the conditions are carefully laid out by the court and, if adjustments of those conditions need to be made, the adjustments need to be approved by the court first.

Regardless of which situation applies to you – whether you’re considered a violent offender of special concern or are looking to modify or terminate your probation – The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A., has the experience to handle your case. Attorney Colleen M. Glenn started the firm in 2006 and works with fellow attorney Andrew Hibbert.

Ms. Glenn received her undergraduate degree in criminology before going on to receive her juris doctor degree from Florida State University College of Law in Tallahassee. She’s been a member of The Florida Bar association since 2003 and the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida since 2006. In addition to serving her clients, Ms. Glenn regularly offers her assistance to Stetson University College of Law, helping students with their educational pursuits.

An Attorney On Your Side

A probation violation brings enough intimidation from the courts; you certainly don’t need more from your lawyer. The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A., strives to maintain a down-to-earth, approachable atmosphere for our clients while executing the skill and professionalism with the courts that many have come to rely on.

Sometimes a violation happens because of a misunderstanding, and sometimes it is a matter of a good person getting into a bad situation. In either case, we set aside the judgment and work hard on your behalf. We accept various forms of payment, including payment plans, and we are flexible with meeting arrangements, as we strive to keep our clients feeling respected and informed.

For more information, contact The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A., at 941-746-8800.